Passionate about user friendly design

Focused on offering great support

Love developing cool new tech

What we do

SAMTEQ is a fast-growing web and software development company based in Argyll, Scotland. Since we were set up in 2009, we’ve built user-friendly websites, apps, touch screens and cloud software for over 170 companies across the UK and Europe.

So, yes we do websites (very good ones at that) and Apps, but we do more too. We take web-based technology and apply it to all sorts of settings. Our cloud applications, for example, streamline tasks in the work place, making businesses more efficient and effective. And our interactive touch-screen kiosks bring information to life in a fun, interactive way. You’ll see them popping up in visitor attractions and venues across the UK.

We see the power, flexibility and scalability that web technology offers and we’re continually innovating new ways of working with it.

Strength by Design

But there’s one driving force behind everything we do: simplicity. We take complicated technology and make it easy for the user – a bit like the iPhone. And that’s quite a skill. All our websites and web-based products can be operated by anyone, whatever their technical knowledge.

And one other thing - we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service. We want to make your SAMTEQ journey easy and enjoyable, so we’re always on hand with help, support and advice.

Trusted by big names, small names and everything in between

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